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Children's Stomp Dance Foot Rattle

Children's Stomp Dance Foot Rattle

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This is a small, children's stomp dance instrument used in Southeastern Native American cultures. Please refer to the Stomp Dance lesson plans located on this site and specific tribal websites to learn more about the instrument and its use, both musically and culturally. The Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma has specific videos on their website, , and on YouTube. Always consult with Native American & Indigenous educators/peoples before implementing their culture and music in the classroom. For more information on how to correctly implement Native American music in the classroom, please purchase the thesis on the products page.


    This is a stomp dance rattle made from aluminum cans. This is an instrument native to Southeastern US Indigenous Nations. It is worn attached to the leg near the ankle, and it is traditionally a women's instrument. Please consult Native American websites for more information on specific tribes' instruments. The instrument is made up of 4-8 cans, depending on the size, and it is around 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Please indicate in the notes which size rattle you want/what age group it is intended for. 


    If your instrument is not to your liking or is damaged, please send me a message and I will refund or send you a new one, whichever is your preference. 

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